Options and Attachments

White Planters offers a wide variety of options and attachments so that you have everything you need to meet your conventional and/or conservation planting needs.

Fertilizer Application

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Single Disc Opener / Liquid Injector

Designed for no-till, minimum-till and conventional tillage operations, this single disc fertilizer opener/liquid injector features a spring-mounted tine injector nozzle for liquid fertilizer application. Liquid fertilizer is placed in the soil without the use of a knife, providing plug-free operation.

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Single Disc Opener / Side Knife Liquid or Granular Application

Designed for no-till and minimum tillage applications, this single disc fertilizer opener features an austempered side profile knife to place fertilizer up to four inches (102 mm) deep, providing effective placement of fertilizer with minimal adjustment.

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Single Disc Opener / Trailing Knife Liquid or Granular Application

Designed for no-till planting conditions, this 17-inch (432 mm) disc and knife work well in firm, no-till soil that has residue on the soil surface. The disc cuts residue at the soil surface, and the trailing knife places the fertilizer with minimum soil disturbance.

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Double Disc Opener for Liquid or Dry Application

Designed for conventional and minimum tillage applications, two 13.5-inch (343 mm) diameter discs are C-spring mounted to an adjustable clamp.

Fertilizer Metering & Other Attachments

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Piston Pump

The variable stroke, double-acting, single or double piston metering pump dispenses a consistent flow of liquid fertilizer. All internal parts that come in contact with fertilizer are stainless steel.

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Flow Divider Package

The piston pump flow divider provides optimum liquid fertilizer metering accuracy to each fertilizer opener. The application rate per acre remains constant over a wide range of planting speeds.

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Drive Wheel Rock Guard

Protects the drive chain from rocks and root balls.

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Blower Inlet Screen

Protects the blower system from pulling residue into the air system.