9800VE Narrow-Transport Planters

Three-section Frame

The 9800VE Series's large double-disc seed trench openers (16-inch) allow for deeper seed placement while the cast row unit assembly removes the flex/tolerances versus welded construction.


Planting with Precision

The White Planters 9800VE Series is a narrow transport planter featuring a ninety-bushel Central Fill Seed System, vSet® meters and vDrive®; a self-contained and virtually maintenance-free electric drive vacuum meter system with few moving parts and industry leading seed singulation. Also included in the 9800VE Series is the 20/20 Gen3 monitor; a command and control center providing the operator all pertinent planter process information in high resolution.

Key Features

vSet2 Meters
vDrive & SRM3 (Single Row Module) Control
Gen3 20/20 SeedSense
90-Bushel Central Fill System & On-board Liquid Fertilizer


Model Rows Spacing Transport Width Frame Size
9812VE 12 30" 144" 7" x 7"
9816VE 16 30" 144" 7" x 7"
9824VE 24 30" 144" 7" x 7"

Options and Attachments

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Flow Divider Package

The piston pump flow divider provides optimum liquid fertilizer metering accuracy to each fertilizer opener. The application rate per acre remains constant over a wide range of planting speeds.

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Piston Pump

The variable stroke, double-acting, single or double piston metering pump dispenses a consistent flow of liquid fertilizer. All internal parts that come in contact with fertilizer are stainless steel.

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Double Disc Opener for Liquid or Dry Application

Designed for conventional and minimum tillage applications, two 13.5-inch (343 mm) diameter discs are C-spring mounted to an adjustable clamp.

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Disc Trash Master

Two 12-inch (305 mm) diameter solid discs clear a clean path in front of the seed openers, moving residue to the side to avoid hair pinning residue into the seed trench. Adjusts in 1/4-inch (6-mm) increments.

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Floating Residue Manager

Thirteen-inch (330 mm) SharkTooth wheel and depth bands provide aggressive residue movement from the path of the row unit. The unit-mounted residue wheels float over the surface, and the depth bands assure the right depth of operation and prevent gouging or furrowing of the soil.

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Finger Residue Manager

Ideal for medium to high residue levels, the 13-inch (330 mm) diameter steel finger wheels clear residue away from the seed opener. Adjusts in increments so you can set it low enough to move residue aside, yet high enough to avoid creating an unwanted trench.