9200 Series Wing-Fold Planters

Wing-Fold or Rigid-Frame Available

The 9200 Series flex frame hinges at the center, enabling each wing to fold forward and attain a transport width that is nearly half of its field working width.

White Planters 9200 Series Wing-Fold Planter

Simplicity of Planter Transport is Key

Simplicity of transport is a key consideration with any planter. The White Planters 9200 Series wings fold forward to attain a transport width nearly half of its field working width. The 9200 Series flex-frame model hinges at the center, enabling each wing to flex a full 10 degrees. This enables the frame to flex a full 20 degrees up or down, hugging rolling terrain and terraces. If frame flex is not a requirement on your ground, the 9200 Series is also available in a rigid-frame model with the same full range of features and attachments.

Key Features

Row Unit Flexibility
Seed Drive Transmission
Wing Fold or Rigid Frame Available
Liquid Fertilizer (Optional)
3-Bushel Hoppers (Optional)


Model Rows Spacing Transport Width Frame Size
9222 12 30" 196" 7" x 7"

Options and Attachments

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Angled Rubber Press Wheels

Improve seed-to-soil contact in heavier soil and moderate notill conditions. Adjust wheels by offsetting them or changing width for improved performance at various seed depth and soil conditions. Adjustable down pressure: 50 to 133 lbs. (23 to 133 kg.)

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Angled Cast-Iron Press Wheels

Great for closing the toughest seed trench. Recommended for tough no-till. Adjust wheels by offsetting or changing width for improved performance in high-residue and notill conditions. Adjustable down pressure: 115 to 310 lbs. (52 to 141 kg.)

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Single V-Trench Press Wheel

Firms both sides of the seed trench in mellow soil conditions. Advantageous for shallow planting in tilled soil. The center of the seed trench is capped for a soft top. Adjustable down pressure: 50 to 133 lb. (23 to 133 kg.)

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Disc Trash Master

Two 12-inch (305 mm) diameter solid discs clear a clean path in front of the seed openers, moving residue to the side to avoid hair pinning residue into the seed trench. Adjusts in 1/4-inch (6-mm) increments.

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Combination Residue Manager/Blade

Finger wheels or SharkTooth® wheels clear seedbed of loose residue while blade works seedbed path. Simply pin the residue wheels up to use the tillage coulter alone.

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Tillage Coulter

The coulter and the row unit both work off the same planter parallel links for a precise alignment and depth relationship. The constant alignment of the coulter and disc openers ensure that the seed is placed in a seed trench with no air space below the seed that could cause poor seed-to-soil contact and slow germination.