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White Planters Options and Attachments


Single Disc Fertilizer Opener/Liquid Injector

Designed for no-till, minimum till, and conventional tillage operations, this single disc fertilizer opener/liquid injector features a springmounted tine injector nozzle for liquid fertilizer application. Liquid fertilizer is placed in the soil without the use of a knife, providing plug-free operation.

Single Disc Fertilizer Opener/Side Knife Liquid or Granular Fertilizer Application

Designed for no-till and minimum tillage applications, this single disc fertilizer opener features an austempered side profile knife to place fertilizer up to 4” (102 mm) deep, providing effective placement of fertilizer with minimal adjustment.

Single Disc Fertilizer Opener/Trailing Knife Liquid or Granular Fertilizer Application

Designed for no-till planting conditions, this 17- inch (432 mm) disc and knife work well in firm, notill soil that has residue on the soil surface. The disc cuts residue at the soil surface, and the trailing knife places the fertilizer with minimum soil disturbance.

Double Disc Fertilizer Opener for Liquid or Dry Fertilizer Application

Designed for conventional and minimum tillage applications. Two 13.5” (343 mm) diameter discs are C-spring mounted to an adjustable clamp.


Row Unit Attachments

Combination Residue Manager/Blade

Finger wheels or SharkTooth™ wheels clear seedbed of loose residue while blade works seedbed path. Simply pin the residue wheels up to use the tillage coulter alone.

Tillage Coulter

The row-unit-mounted coulter mounts directly to the face of the row unit and aligns directly ahead of the disc openers. The coulter and the row unit both work off the same parallel links for a precise alignment and depth relationship. The constant alignment of the coulter and disc openers assure that the seed is placed in a seed trench with no air space below the seed that could cause poor seed-to-soil contact and slow germination of the seed.

Floating Residue Manager

13” (330 mm) SharkTooth™ wheel and depth bands provide aggressive residue movement from the path of the row unit. The unit-mounted residue wheels float over the surface and the depth bands assure the right depth of operation and prevent gouging or furrowing of the soil. Floating Residue Managers with finger wheels are also available.

Finger Residue Manager

Ideal for medium to high residue levels, the 13” (330 mm) diameter steel finger wheels clear residue away from the seed opener. Adjusts in 1/4” (6 mm) increments so you can set it low enough to move residue aside, yet high enough to avoid creating an unwanted trench.

Standard-Duty Down Pressure Springs

Provide 5 to 115 lbs. (2 to 52 kg) down pressure. Recommended for improving row unit stabilization and penetrating moderate soil conditions.

Pneumatic Down Pressure System

Provide 30 to 400 lbs. (14 to 181 kg) down pressure. Consists of a central air compressor and a single air bag located between the parallel arms of each row unit. The air pressure down force of all row units is conveniently controlled from one location providing consistent downforce to all row units. Available on select models.

Flex Shaft Seed Meter Drive with Electric Clutch

The drive is placed on each row. It is sealed to provide protection from the elements and provide trouble-free operation. Each drive incorporates an electric clutch controlled through GPS signal that deactivates the clutch to avoid planting into the headland on irregular shaped fields. The electric clutch system also shuts off rows on straight or angled waterways.


Closing Wheels

Angled Rubber Press Wheels

Improve seed-to-soil contact in heavier soil and moderate no-till conditions. Adjust wheels by offsetting them or changing width from 1.25” to 2.88” (32 to 73 mm) for improved performance at various seed depth and soil conditions. Adjustable down pressure: 30 to 275 lbs. (14-125 kg)

Angled Cast-Iron Press Wheels

Great for closing the toughest seed trench. Recommended for tough no-till. Adjust wheels by offsetting or changing width for improved performance in high-residue and no-till conditions. Adjustable down pressure: 115 to 310 lbs. (52-141 kg)

Single V Trench Press Wheel

Firms both sides of the seed trench in mellow soil conditions. Advantageous for shallow planting in tilled soil. The center of the seed trench is capped for a soft top. Adjustable down pressure range is 50 lb. to 133 lb. (23-133 kg)


Tillage Coulters

5/16” Ripple Blade

Creates little soil disturbance and operates well at all speeds. It provides a narrow seed trench of less than 3/4” (19 mm). For heavy residue or sod, this slices through the toughest conditions.

3/4” Bubble Blade

Wedges soils apart to provide a V Seed trench and operates well at most speeds. It provides a seed trench profile of less than 3/4” (19 mm) in the bottom to 1-1/4” (32 mm) on the top. Works well in compacted soils with high residue.

7/8” 8, 13 or 25-Flute Blades

The 13-flute provides aggressive soil and residue mixing. The 25-flute is less aggressive. Both operate well at most speeds. They provide a seed trench width of 7/8” to 1-1/4: (22 to 32 mm). Cuts through residue very well and ideal for medium soils.


Fertilizer Metering & Other Attachments

Piston Pump

The variable stroke, double-acting, single or double piston metering pump dispenses a consistent flow of liquid fertilizer. All internal parts that come in contact with fertilizer are stainless steel.

Flow Divider Package

The piston pump flow divider provides optimum liquid fertilizer metering accuracy to each fertilizer opener. The application rate per acre remains constant over a wide range of planting speeds.

Drive Wheel Rock Guard

Protects drive chain from rocks and root balls.

Disc Trash Master

Two 12” (305 mm) diameter solid discs clear a clean path in front of the seed openers moving residue to the side to avoid hair pinning residue into the seed trench. Adjusts in 1/4” (6 mm) increments.

Blower Inlet Screen

Protects blower system from pulling residue into the air system.